Relationship Advice

There are several subtle, psychological tips, tricks and other relationship advice that have been developed over years of observation and clinical analysis. We’re all different beings for sure, each as unique as a snowflake, but there are basic or major formulas in all of our thought processes and emotions that are almost universal across the board. The tips you’ll be reading were formulated with these observations and common emotional reactions.

Relationship Advice

I have to start by reminding you (yet again I’m sure) that not all relationships are meant to be, and the ones that last a lifetime aren’t the rule but rather the exception. But after you weigh the pros and cons of trying to stay in the relationship, if you still feel that pursuing your Ex is the correct course of action then read on. These are proven and time-tested methods for winning back hearts through a subtle reframing of emotions. But before you sign on really do make sure you want your Ex back as these tips will all but certainly work in doing so. It is also of the utmost importance that you implement these tactics as soon as possible after the initial split has effectiveness has sometimes been affected by the longer the amount of time gone by.

●          Let’s start with the basics. (https://exboyfriendguidance/)Your Ex may have not been staying in contact, whether it be not returning phone calls or texts, avoiding the Facebook chats or even un-friending you on Facebook. This is normal human behavior. Believe it or not, your Ex is going through the same emotional turbulence as you, it’s just that we all deal with it differently. Some time apart emotionally is important to help the scars heal. It doesn’t matter how long this period of readjustment takes but what’s more important is the quality of the split. In other words, a quality emotional split where communication is tremendously reduced can help your cause. Don’t be overbearing. No constant texts, desperate phone calls, or heartfelt emails. We’ll get to contacting them.

●          You need to think long and hard are about what you’re going to say, not the exact words of course but the message and the feeling you want to convey as well as the way in which you want to communicate this first approach. You need to decide whether you’d like to send a short and brief email, contact them on the phone or conveniently run into them out and about (believe me, this can be arranged fairly easily). I would highly (highly) recommend a phone call. Often it’s preferable to call at a time when you’ll likely get the answering service, but you should also be prepared to talk to your Ex as they might just pick up.

Don’t Sweat It!

Listen, if it was your fault your ex is not with you anymore and you know you screwed up, then admit to screwing up. It’s never wise to base an entire relationship on lies and the truth shall set ‘ye free. Seriously though, man up about your mistakes and let them know how you plan to own these mess ups and how you are going to move forward. You never want to focus on the past too much, but if your ex can’t look past that, admit your faults and move on.

On the other hand, if it was his or her fault you aren’t together anymore, it might be best off moving on to greener pastures. Especially if you did everything right and were being 100% yourself in the relationship. It’s too hard to pretend to be someone else and you will never feel comfortable in trying to do so. So don’t sweat it. Find someone else who can love you for you and not pretending to be someone else.


A relationship is a team. The two of you need to work together in order to experience bliss and enrich each others lives. It’s scientifically proven that a healthy relationship is actually healthy for the body. When all is good, your body can ward of sickness and disease compared to not being in any relationship.

However, a bad relationship can likewise be unhealthy for your body, mind and soul. If you feel like this partnership is hurting more than it is healing, it’d be wise to step back and take a good long look at the situation and ask yourself if this is something you want to be doing 5, 10, 20 years from now.

Not everyone needs to be in a relationship all of the time. You shouldn’t focus your life around finding your significant other. Let it happen naturally. If you don’t, you’re trying to force personalities that may not mend together well and you are only setting yourself up for hurt and disappointment later on.

So before you make your mind up to go chasing to get back your ex boyfriend or girlfriend and maybe (hopefully not) make a fool of yourself, think thing things through all of the way. Take into account the entire history of the person you are trying to get back. Whether your love or lust that person can make a big difference in the success or failure of the relationship. And remember this…

●          Your demeanor is essential throughout this initial contact. You don’t want to come across as distant but you also can’t seem desperate or vulnerable. It’s a tightrope that’s fairly easy to walk with a little advice. You remain emotionally cool throughout the conversation and most importantly don’t give into the urge to be argumentative. See if you can arrange a time to talk further, just a casual time set up for another phone call or perhaps a cup of coffee or some other face-to-face meet up. The links on this page offer many further insights into this exceptional how-to on winning back the love of your life. But don’t forget, if you’re going to do this then by all means do it now. The sooner you start the better your results. Get started NOW.  Click below to take the free relationship quiz.