How To Get Your Ex Back in Under 7 Days, Guaranteed

So you’re ready to get your ex back fast? I stress the word “fast” as time is of the essence when it comes to subtle emotional reframing. These are steps and tactics that were created over years of human observation and psychological analysis.

We all think differently for sure, but the way our emotional intellect works is actually very similar to one another on a very basic level. These tips or tactics speak to that basic human intellect and that is why they are so proven and effective.  Strategies will differ of course depending on whether you are looking to get your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back.  And before I get into the strategies, it is imperative that you watch this video so you know immediately what to do and what NOT to do.  These are the psychological tricks that work beyond belief…

Win Back Your LoveObviously if you’re reading this then you’ve already thought (much too) long and hard about why the relationship is where it is. You’ve no doubt over-analyzed and under-rationalized every little aspect of the relationship and the split, spent hours thinking about a phrase uttered or a look given. It’s important not to get hung up on that business but it’s also really easy to do when you’re hurting and your brain is trying to come up with hard and fast answers when emotions just don’t work that way. I know. You know. We get it. That’s in the past and we need not concern ourselves with it now.

The first step in the most direct course of action in getting back with your ex is to let go of the emotional hurt and bottled up anger you have towards your ex. You have to heal and love yourself before you can truly love another. Hokey but true.

You have to resolve these feelings emotionally before you will be ready to contact your ex and this process of forgiving and releasing hurt is much easier than you think. It’s a simple way of reframing just exactly what it is that makes the relationship important to you and focusing your thoughts and energies on the positives. And accepting the negatives for what they are and letting them go. The links on this page can show you how to get back your ex with a few simple and useful bits of advice based on a whole lot of observation.

If you fully invest in this method and these tips you will be well on your way to snuggling close with your true love. The links on this page are you’re best back in getting back your soul mate. We will explain to you as we go why steps or tactics are important. You won’t be walking through this alone and hopefully by the time you’re done and back with your honey you’ll also have learned some important and useful hints about love and relationships. Because lets face it folks, love just don’t come easy and relationships take careful practice and constant maintenance.


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